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Make meal times fun for kids by using Bim Bam Boo’s colourful, sturdy and naturally sterile dining sets.

Bim Bam Boo is a new generation of reusable organic bamboo dining sets for children.

Your child will love using their own dining set featuring colourful and fun drawings. Different themes are presented on 100% bamboo fibre which is eco-friendly, biodegradable and leaves no after taste.

Fully dishwasher safe, the Bim Bam Boo dinner sets for children consist of a plate divided into sections with a matching cup and dish. And each set weighs only 258 grams.

Bim Bam Boo dining sets for children are naturally sterile and contain no nasties such as BPA, phthalates or petrochemicals.

That’s great for the food safety of your child.

Reasons to use natural and reusable children dining sets

You can re-use repeatedly

Made with natural, sustainable bamboo fibre

Light-weight and lovely to use, no plastic after-taste

Fully dishwasher safe


Great Reasons To Buy A Bim Bam Boo Children’s Dining Set

  1. Indefinite reusability if looked after
  2. Natural organic bamboo fibre
  3. Rapidly renewable resource
  4. Biodegradable
  5. Naturally sterile with no after-taste
  6. Full dishwasher safe
  7. Light, bright and lovely to use
  8. Free from BPA, phthalates and petrochemicals

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