Ibu Bambu Vegan Friendly Coconut Bowls are made by nature and crafted by hand for you

Eco-Friendly bowls that are made from real coconuts

Coconut shells are a waste product that are burned causing air pollution or added to land fill. The smoke from coconut shells is an environmental hazard (with it’s CO2 and methane emissions), and also a health hazard to humans and animals. We decided to stop the burning and landfill and use the coconut shells to create wonderful, natural bowls for you to enjoy.

Coconut bowls are a great addition to your eco-friendly and stylish lifestyle

All Ibu Bambu coconut bowls are made of coconut shells which is a natural product created by nature. All our coconut bowls are handcrafted and polished with natural coconut oil and contain no artificial substances!

Every bowl is unique and has it’s own shape, size, colour and markings that were created by nature. Every bowl was produced to not only look amazing but also to feel amazing in our hands.

“Our customers love the fact that their food looks delicious in the coconut bowls and the fork and spoons are just the perfect match”

We have two different finishes to our coconut bowls, natural and polished

The natural finish has been perfected to keep the natural feel on the outside and has a smooth finish on the inside.

The polished coconut bowl, as the name suggests, has a polished smooth finish both on the inside and outside. 

Size of the coconut bowls

Every coconut bowl is unique in size, created by nature. The average diameter of each bowl is 12 to 15 cm. Depth is 6 to 7 cm with a volume of between 500ml and 600ml

Inside each bowl also has a unique look. Crafted by us but created by nature.

Information about coconut bowls

Billions of coconuts are harvested for their water, flesh and oil. 99% of these shells are then either burned or discarded as waste, harming the environment.

Ibu Bambu reclaims these shells and cleans and crafts the coconut bowls by hand to create an eco-friendly coconut bowl from nature.

We hope that by using these coconut bowls we can also encourage you to eat healthier.

To ensure a long lasting and durable coconut bowl, hand wash in warm soapy water. Because of the porous feel these bowls are not to be used for the dishwasher, extremely hot water or soak for a long period of time.

The coconut bowls are suitable for both cool and warm foods

Ibu Bambu Coconut Bowls are:

  • Natural products made of coconuts

  • Perfect for smoothie bowls, salads and meals

  • Handcrafted and polished with coconut oil

  • Food safe with no artificial substances

  • Reusable and easy to clean

  • Premium quality tested products

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